Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh News! allows for a unique personalization features to ensure the content is customized to you. We combine automated and personalized information with consumer behavioral tracking analysis to get a better understand of what your customer to increase recruiting, hosts and retention.

The Fresh News! is available for $5.95/US per month. Individuals who are signed up for other GROW! Now services receive a $2 discount. See the full pricing structure below.

Plan Details
$5.95 Newsletter Only Includes access to the Project Broadcast Sync, Customers, Orders, Items and Newsletter features of GROW! Now.
$5.95 Consultant+ Newsletter Available for all those titled Consultant. Includes access to real-time sales updates, recruit notifications and all features listed in the Newsletter Only.
$8.95 Manager+ Newsletter Available for all those titled Manager to Executive manager. Includes potential reds, recognition, new consultant sales, closed accounts and labels. Also includes all features of Consultant+ Newsletter.
$12.95 Director+ Newsletter Available for all those titled Director to Business Leader. Includes access to all reports. Also includes all features of Manager+ and Consultant+ Newsletter.
* 1): As you move up or down levels in title, your GROW! Now Subscription will update as well.
* 2): Adding Fresh News to an existing GROW! Now plan will reset your pricing model to the above.