Parties Up Overview

Parties Up is availble for all those holding Business Leader title. Below are the details for Parties-Up.

Dashboard: This will show you your director's line-up along with all the parties this week. Unlike the old parties up in the back office, we can tell you all sorts of great details. Like, if the party is open or closed. Current sales and more.

All Parties: Just like the name suggests, they're ALL PARTIES that you have coming up. As far into the future as possible. I see 2024 parties are already scheduled!

Consultant List: Here, you will see EVERYONE who is signed up for GROW, Fresh News! or just parties up reporting. This has been a common ask by Business Leaders - can I see WHO is registered for your service. Now you can, and even the level they are signed up for.

Invite: This is a link you can share with people to get parties up information. If they register for GROW! Reports or Fresh News! you will see their parties up - no need for those individuals to sign up. But maybe you just want to share a link with people to simply fetch Parties Up information. You can see this link.