Frequently Asked Questions

Project Broadcast is a leader in Business Messaging over SMS and other channels. Our goal is to help you GROW! your Tupperware business by using tools that can connect you with team members and customers. The below guide will assist in what the integration does, how it works and more.

Q: What Can I Expect?
A: Both Consultants and Customers will be automatically synchronized from GROW! to Project Broadcast. Contacts in Project Broadcast will automatically be tagged so you can target communications with specific team members and customers.

Q: Do I need a separate Project Broadcast subscription?
A: Yes! This service simply synchronizes your Customers and Consultants from Jenkon to Project Broadcast.

Q: What Tags Are Used?
A: We use the following tags for contacts.
twgn_salesforce: All individuals on your team, regardless of status, have this tag applied to their Project Broadcast contact.
twgn_(title): All sales force individuals, will have a tag with their current title. For example, twgn_cst would be all consultants. twgn_cstpoina is for Potentially Inactive Consultant. The tags used are the same as used within Jenkon.
twgn_customer: All customers, who have supplied a telephone number during their order, will be automatically added to the system with this tag.

Q: What About Existing Contacts?
A: For existing contacts, we will add these tags to any existing tags you might have already set on the user.

Q: Any Other Features?
A: For Salesforce individuals, if the contact DOES NOT exist in Project Broadcast, they will automatically get added to Project Broadcast. In addition to their name, we will also set their Birthdate (if supplied in Jenkon) and set their Anniversary to their Recruit Date. Additionally, in the notes field, it will say "Import from TW Grow -Recruit Date x/x/xx"

Q: Can Birth date and Anniversary Be Set On Existing Contacts?
A: Not at this time, but it is something we are looking at.

Q: When a Step-Up Occurs, Will The Tag Update?
A: Yes. On each sync, the contacts tag will be updated.

Q: I'm a Visual Person. Do you have a screenshot?
A: Here is a screenshot of the tags in Project Broadcast. You can see how each title has it's own tag.

Q: What Is My Next Step?
A: The integration with Project Broadcast is done via API. Login to Project Broadcast, click on the hamburger menu and under Account | Choose Get Api Key. Update the GROW! Now Dashboard with your Project Broadcast API Key.

Q: Can I Backup Contacts?
A: Yes, and you should! Under the hamburger menu and under Misc | Export Contacts. This will generate a list of contacts that could be used to import / restore if needed.

Q: How often does it sync?
A: Contacts and Customers sync daily.

Q: What does each tag mean?
A: Here is the full list: